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July 22, 2008

Your virtual presence here in Second Life and it’s integration into your real life produces opportunities and obstacles. What does it mean to have 2 lives in 1? That is the main question we are planing to investigate with this project.

The main characters involved in the shaping the project are:
hannes Breda, Toru Recreant, Case Tomorrow, and Perefim Cao
Please don’t hesitate to IM us if you have further questions.

And of course all the members of the "Real and Second Life Confusion Group!
RSLC has two main purposes. One is to provide a platform to exchange ideas, share problems that come up, and pass on experiences to others.
The second purpose is mainly a base to conduct and discuss research on the effects SL has on people.

The official Sim opening will be celebrated on August 2nd 11 AM – 3 PM SLT. Come over to meet us, explore the build, let us know what you think, get involved, or bum some free drinks :p

Thank You,




July 19, 2008

I’m going to write about my thoughts on virtuality and especially the virtual world second Life here. I have to figure out all the technical stuff first though, ugh.