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November 29, 2009

This blog originally started out as 2.0 presence of the Second Life avatar Case Tomorrow. Even though Case has grown a little tired of her restricted existence within said virtual world, my own curiosity in what I want to call “the internet” for now, has never decreased. I am mainly interested in how the individual interacts with the world behind his screen, how identity undergoes change, and ultimately how life with/in the web will evolve. It seems like the deeper you dig into understanding the quality of the relationship between man and machine, the more complex it all gets and instead of answers you come back with more questions. Some of these questions I would like to revisit here.


Mind Games

February 3, 2009



January 26, 2009


this was a quick one and a somewhat unfinished project. Still wanted to post it…

explorations of the mind continued

January 26, 2009



January 23, 2009


Originally uploaded by [Y.D.A.L.G.O.L]

Had enough of the same ol same ol uncreative b-tard, omg so hot and beautiful-avatars? It’s time to get yer freak on then. Building my own freak as we speak.