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in my head…

September 28, 2008

Catastrophe is leaking slowly from my mind
filled with incongruous truths about
just about everything. Where did I leave
the keys while off to eternity to do the math I figure
and figure it out that beast with large horns.
I feed it cotton dumplings, and decipher it
painfully ripping the cords attached to reasoning.

Tilted head, I watch impatiently, longingly.
Eventually I kick it towards the entrance
of a million homogeneously pale pixels.
Motionless it follows with its eyes, seeking
anger, now chewing steadily monotonously
on perturbation.

Finally imagination amongst other algorithms
screams at me from somewhere on a CD cover.
Uncovering it I find the keys and hurry through
tangled networks past unconcious neon lights
splashing abstraction aside, fiercely griping
randomness to save it and at last edit it into

by Case Tomorrow


Show and Tell

September 28, 2008

Show and tell: Cyberpunk at Chiba (Burning Life) today. Meet like-minded people, show off your stuff, find out about interesting new projects, discuss, rant, inquire, encounter, whatever….or just come and hang out with the cool kids :o
Today 3 pm SLT at Chiba.

Burning Life is open!

September 27, 2008

It’s open, finally! I guess now it’s time to cross the line^^ I have spent the past days/weeks preparing my own build at the “network” sim and also doing some translations as a part of the Burning Life Linguists. I have also used the time watching the whole place grow from day to day. There are some insane builds there. Some are serious, some humorous, some pretty, some not. I’m sure Burning Life offers something for everyone.
See you there,
Case x

This is the short clip I’m using for my own installation at Burning Life.

Molly’s Millions

September 22, 2008

I was never much about doing business in SL. I just didn’t really see how you could make a sufficient amount of money to actually want to work there. At least compared to what I make per hour RL. For me everything was about creating the things that make me happy and consuming/ supporting what others create. Lately though, having investigated all the cool shops and places, I have been increasingly unsatisfied with what’s for sale on the “market”. It’s not that there isn’t some cool stuff out there, it’s just that I have it all already… Especially in this very particular area of cyberpunk stuff I like personally. Out of this necessity I’ve started creating a lot of items for my doll (avatar). Why not open a shop now? So I’m gonna give it a shot. Molly’s Millions is basically an easy way for me to legitimize all the time I spend online. Currently I have two items there, bwahahaha! But various unfinished ones in my inventory that I will release soon.

Shake the Dust

September 15, 2008

this makes my heart beat…

Anis Mojgani performs Shake the Dust at Brown University