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January 16, 2009



OpenLife revisited

November 2, 2008

I had a blast hanging out at OpenLife with a lot of Second Life residents looking for alternative virtual worlds. Since there is no functioning economy there yet, everything is free and the sense of solidarity by going through the whole noob process again is awesome. It was interesting to watch everyone. Most people were very concerned about their avatars appearance. The hottest topics were “where to get freebies” and how does “second inventory work”? Of course OpenLife Grid is by far not as advanced as Second Life. But I like the way it encourages creation instead of consumption and that it gives me the feeling of being a true pioneer to something that has not yet been explored and conquered yet. Personally I feel rather uncomfortable by the way Linden Lab “rules” over Second Life. I completely understand that this is the way it has to be for now and that there is not much to do about it. I also accept it because I actually do like to hang out there. Yet I will always support alternative virtual worlds and concepts as much as I can. Because I also like to dream about a better future and my dream is a virtual world that is governed by it’s citizens and not by a single profit seeking company.

Maple Frosted Doughnuts

October 12, 2008

…is a place. And no, the name doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re planning to do there. Perefim, the land whore he is, got this place some time ago and built an installation there for me (yes ME! :D) for our 5 month anniversary. Which I think is incredibly sweet btw. We have now decided to create the space anew every month or so. Showing either our works or, if we’re to lazy, the works of others. As long as I’m still working on my contribution to put there (about one more week) you are welcome to see Perefim’s untitled love installation thing there.
Make love not lag!


October 10, 2008

Yo I’m back!
So I aced my finals, but does that mean I have to get a boring 9-5 job now? I hope not. Honestly I feel like retiring right now or at least a 3 month vacation. Speaking of which Case has been exploring and I could have made an awesome vid of it if “imovie” hadn’t decided to suddenly become the lagmonster-bitch of doom and I finally lost my patience…grrr…here is the result.
The places visited are really some of my absolute favorite places in SL:
The Cemetery of Broken Creations for it’s atmosphere and the aweome quality of the build
INSILICO for it’s cool cyberpunkishness
TokioPeninsula for having one of the best concepts and a fun, interactive, lag free sim.
and ChouChou for it’s supreme water quality.
Oh and thank you everyone for your kind support and your congrats after my finals that really meant a lot to me. Some of you even made me prezzies! I can’t thank you enough. Also check out what my favorite digital artist, Trindolyn contributed to the end of my career as a student :D
Don’t have to much fun & see you online ^^

Show and Tell

September 28, 2008

Show and tell: Cyberpunk at Chiba (Burning Life) today. Meet like-minded people, show off your stuff, find out about interesting new projects, discuss, rant, inquire, encounter, whatever….or just come and hang out with the cool kids :o
Today 3 pm SLT at Chiba.