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Mind Games

February 3, 2009



Ode to Case

September 14, 2008

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. “

This is how I entered the world of William Gibson. Where I met Case, Molly, Armitage, Wintermute and later Cayce, Bobby, Turner, Chevette,
, and Johnny Mnemonic.
Gibson’s books had a large impact on me as a teen. I truly loved the stories he created and longed to escape my own to be part of the world in his books. Years later when I stumbled upon the virtual world Second Life, it hit me, this might be where his stories come to life after all. I created Case to search cyberspace for traces of Gibson’s stories.
Recently I have celebrated one year as virtual presence Case Tomorrow. I realized that I had become distracted a lot from the original search and that it was time for Case to go back to her roots. Case who now is just as much part of myself as she is part of what inspired her creation.
In times where it seems as if cyberpunk as we know it is in retirement and Gibson switched to writing about the the future of today rather than tomorrow. I believe it is time for a shrine. Which place could be more perfect for it than cyberspace? I started out building the virtual “Gibson Shrine” but got distracted by the preparations for the upcoming the Burning Life event . Btw I spent a lot of time reading the Burning Life and Burning Man pages and the more I read the more internally antagonistic the whole event seems to me. Might be just my bad English or my European socialization who knows. Just my style though and what the hell I’ll just build an interpretation of my Gibson shrine there. Actually I got very discouraged at first since I didn’t believe that neither my artistic concepts nor my building skills were really sufficient for what I had in mind. Usually I’m great at criticizing other people’s works. It has to be the other way around some time…
So screw all that. I’m gonna fly by the seat of my pants and let that thing grow into whatever it is meant to be. You will be able to see the product of this here. I’m excited and a little bit fearful of what people will say about it.

Right now the whole thing is turning into an “Ode to Neuromancer”, an “art installation” I suppose rather than a shrine really but we will see.

See you online… Case x