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Mind Games

February 3, 2009




January 23, 2009


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Had enough of the same ol same ol uncreative b-tard, omg so hot and beautiful-avatars? It’s time to get yer freak on then. Building my own freak as we speak.

explorations of the mind….

January 16, 2009


Hello Avatar!

October 19, 2008

What is between RL and SL? I have been asking myself that for quite some time and even more so recently while working on my new project called “Static Transitions”. Of course I have molested my friends by asking them as well and most commonly the answer that followed was: “The Screen, duh”. That is true. Yet, to me, the question has more layers than just the obvious. How does our virtual presence change us? What exactly do we transcend when we log on”? Does our avatar in it’s behavior and appearance reflect all of ourselves, a part of it or maybe even something beyond who we are in RL? I am doing some research on the topic and one of the most enlightening definitions of what exactly our avatar is, I found in Mark Stephen Meadows’ “I Avatar”:
“Most of all I found the avatar to be a machine that is attached to the psychology of its user. From within that machine, the driver can peek out, squinting through alien eyes, and find a new world. And oddly, the driver can also look into himself, as if gazing into his naval, and find a new landscape as well.”
So a machine, hm? A ‘mind machine’…perhaps altering and mirroring a person at the same time. Now that is interesting! And very much in tune with my own experiences. It makes sense and it opens a whole new universe of questions like how exactly this machine works and effects us. What is the main purpose of said machine? A catalyst, an adapter, an amplifier? An interface to a new dimension? I’m not sure how much of these thoughts will actually be “visible” in my build but at least it gives me something to think about while throwing prims around.

Feel free to contribute your thoughts if you enjoy pondering similar questions.

Case (the mind machine) x