to many “social platforms” ?

November 22, 2008

I wish I had one online gadget/site/thing that combined ALL my 25 “social networking” sites like flickr, youtube, wordpress, koinup, twitter, etc. etc.. Secondbrain is on the right track but not quite there yet. Any suggestions?


4 Responses to “to many “social platforms” ?”

  1. moggsoceanlane Says:

    It won’t cover everything but enables you to update multiple status, microblogs and blogs. friendfeed and mybloglog are both aggregate services that display what’s going on in your/your contacts social networks in the one place. Klink Epsilon recommends Social Addict ( – I haven’t tried it myself. And plaxo also aggregates. Facebook and Avatar United will allow you to pull in feeds – as will Ning depending on the gadgets the administrator has enabled. Blah blah. *grins*

  2. casetomorrow Says:

    Awesome! Thank you for all the tips. I definitely want to check them out and btw thanks for plurking my flickr, didn’t know about that either :)

  3. He plurked your Flickr????

  4. casetomorrow Says:

    yeah check it out :

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