Legend City Online

November 13, 2008

Ever since I felt the need to expand my 3D virtual world beyond what is controlled by Linden Lab I have been checking out every alternative grid I come across. Most of them don’t match Second Life’s performance, creative freedom, or population. Most are fun in their own unique way but lack SL’s general awesomeness in the end. legend-city-online_001Today I came across Legend City and I like it best so far.
I have bought land there already since an open space sim is only 25 US $! Of course overall performance isn’t as good as Second Life yet but it’s actually running pretty stable and it has a mac and Linux viewer as well. The "Lindens" are friendly, competent and fast! Legend City Online is part of the Open source Metaverse. This means that eventually all those participating grids will be connected. Second Inventory makes it possible for you to transfer all your (full permissions!) items to other grids such as Legend City.
I’m sure there will be more grids popping up here and there in the near future and eventually it will be possible to live in a virtual world governed by it’s citizens and without dependency on a single company’s profit maximization.


3 Responses to “Legend City Online”

  1. Neil Ballantyne Says:

    Ooooh…so that’s where all my friends in SL have disappeared to?

  2. casetomorrow Says:

    He he…perhaps :D

  3. […] tomorrow’s world: Legend City Online […]

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