filling the void

October 29, 2008

so there is LL’s new policy on openspace sims and I think most of us agree that it sucks and where I was complaining about a missing or dysfunctional “virtual civil society” in SL a little while ago…I have to admit that things are happening today. My fellow citizens are exploding in outrage over those new policies on blogs, forums, in world, and other social networks.
Check the -SOS- group in world if you want to participate in the discussion. Or The Second Life OpenSpace/Void Sims on flickr. There is a list of all bloggers involved in reporting about the issue.


3 Responses to “filling the void”

  1. I don’t understand the proposal, Case. What is going on here? What am I missing? I’ve hit all the links I could find but I’m not seeing what the revolution is about. Please enlighten me.

  2. casetomorrow Says:

    LL has decided to up the prices of so called void sims by 66% because they had underestimated the capacity they would be using. Which btw is kinda their job. But anyway. For a lot of people this means that they have to close down their business, their home and especially a lot of educational and non-profit institutions who have to calculate cost in advance are not able to maintain their sims. So this time LL has managed to piss off a LOT of people who are very committed to SL and actually do leave a lot of money there. While reading through the blogs and groups I feel that it is the first time that so many have stood up for the same cause here. And I think it’s awesome that this is happening where I thought the other day it was almost impossible to make a significant amount of people stand up and criticise LL for their policies or in this case absolutely unaceptable policy changes. Here is a list of blogs that are reporting about this issue so far:

  3. Ah, yes… TY… Major bad business. I will go vote.

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