October 10, 2008

Yo I’m back!
So I aced my finals, but does that mean I have to get a boring 9-5 job now? I hope not. Honestly I feel like retiring right now or at least a 3 month vacation. Speaking of which Case has been exploring and I could have made an awesome vid of it if “imovie” hadn’t decided to suddenly become the lagmonster-bitch of doom and I finally lost my patience…grrr…here is the result.
The places visited are really some of my absolute favorite places in SL:
The Cemetery of Broken Creations for it’s atmosphere and the aweome quality of the build
INSILICO for it’s cool cyberpunkishness
TokioPeninsula for having one of the best concepts and a fun, interactive, lag free sim.
and ChouChou for it’s supreme water quality.
Oh and thank you everyone for your kind support and your congrats after my finals that really meant a lot to me. Some of you even made me prezzies! I can’t thank you enough. Also check out what my favorite digital artist, Trindolyn contributed to the end of my career as a student :D
Don’t have to much fun & see you online ^^


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