October 5, 2008

Do you ever get the feeling SL or actually the www in general eats your brain? Well I get that feeling sometimes. At least I’m pretty sure it eats my “academic” brain. I’m fascinated by Cyber Anthropology and love to watch myself and others closely to see how our “onlineness” changes the way we work and think. For example, the more time I spend online the less my mind seems capable of uploading and processing the information from the books (yeah the ones made of actual trees) I have to read for my finals next week. I also feel that a general dumbification takes place in the area of my brain that is supposed to articulate my brilliant sophistication through speech. Right now I feel like the only thing I’m going to answer when my Professor asks me “Would you please explain the influence of the Thai press on politics and society since 1973” is “lolwut?”. Ok so I can just spend time AFK if there wasn’t this urge to know what all you bloggers, flickrites, tubers, and SL avatars are up to…I tell myself I’m just gonna take a quick peek at flickr and end up commenting and faving stuff for hours…wtf is that about? I don’t want to say it and I try real hard not to but maybe it has something to do with ONLINEADDICTION! Though in theory I object that it’s that simple…
Anyway, the whole point I’m trying to make here is:


3 Responses to “afk”

  1. theresecarfagno Says:

    You go, Casey! I was AFK for a month, and it was great. Good luck. You won’t regret it.

  2. casetomorrow Says:

    Heya Therese and Dakotah, thanks for your support. I feel so relieved now that I got tha over with :)

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