in my head…

September 28, 2008

Catastrophe is leaking slowly from my mind
filled with incongruous truths about
just about everything. Where did I leave
the keys while off to eternity to do the math I figure
and figure it out that beast with large horns.
I feed it cotton dumplings, and decipher it
painfully ripping the cords attached to reasoning.

Tilted head, I watch impatiently, longingly.
Eventually I kick it towards the entrance
of a million homogeneously pale pixels.
Motionless it follows with its eyes, seeking
anger, now chewing steadily monotonously
on perturbation.

Finally imagination amongst other algorithms
screams at me from somewhere on a CD cover.
Uncovering it I find the keys and hurry through
tangled networks past unconcious neon lights
splashing abstraction aside, fiercely griping
randomness to save it and at last edit it into

by Case Tomorrow


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