Molly’s Millions

September 22, 2008

I was never much about doing business in SL. I just didn’t really see how you could make a sufficient amount of money to actually want to work there. At least compared to what I make per hour RL. For me everything was about creating the things that make me happy and consuming/ supporting what others create. Lately though, having investigated all the cool shops and places, I have been increasingly unsatisfied with what’s for sale on the “market”. It’s not that there isn’t some cool stuff out there, it’s just that I have it all already… Especially in this very particular area of cyberpunk stuff I like personally. Out of this necessity I’ve started creating a lot of items for my doll (avatar). Why not open a shop now? So I’m gonna give it a shot. Molly’s Millions is basically an easy way for me to legitimize all the time I spend online. Currently I have two items there, bwahahaha! But various unfinished ones in my inventory that I will release soon.


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