September 6, 2008

(It’s arrival is never recorded. It can be seen only upon departure)

Is in art.

When you realize that you do matter.

When Gibson decided to write about today rather than tomorrow.

When we climbed the Berlin
wall for the first time.

When I pull a sweater over my head.

The ringing coins in a paper cup, meaning you actually give a fuck.

When you forgive your parents.

When you realize that you were wrong.

When a soldier pulled the trigger over
Hiroshima on 8/6/1945

When history repeats itself.

When you chose to fight.

When you chose not to.

When you realize that money really doesn’t matter.

When depression slowly tightens its grip around your neck.

When you stop worrying.

When you shake the dust

When you dye your hair blue.

Our faces no longer illuminated by the sun but by a million dancing pale pixels.

When you decide to trust.

When you meet
someone who loves you unconditionally.

When you choose the dark side.

The day you decide not to take any more shit.

When you overcome yourself.

When you stop watching porn.

When you realize that you deserve to be happy.

If I ever knew what a father was.

Is the abolition of the planned economy.

When you smash the T.V. with a baseball bat now.

When you realize that it is your responsibility.

When you arrive here

When you quit smoking.

When your friends and family finally understand what you’re doing in front of the computer all the time.

When you make love the first time.

When you feel your bones braking but not your courage.

When you face fear.

When you let something inspire you.

When there is nothing but silence left in my head.

(for Nivek’s and Case’s private little poetry contest. Current theme: “Change”)


One Response to “Change”

  1. When friends strike relavent chords in my head that make me realize I am not alone… in thinking change is, in itself, necessary. And even though leaving the comfort of knowing is difficult, sometimes painful, it is actually the step away that allows growth.

    Thanks, Case.

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