August 31, 2008

I’m hungover because I celebrated the Rez Day of my SL avatar: Case Tomorrow… All the stuff I learned during the last 12 months doesn’t seem to include that it is never a good idea to try to play SL while you’re drinking..but that’s a different story… So what did I do during the past 12 months? It feels like a lot. I ventured into various role playing areas (Midian, Crack Den, Toxia), I idled around a lot in place called Cellar Proper. I learned the basics of scripting and building, mostly at the College of Scripting, Music, and Science. I fell in love four times intensely, usually producing a nice poem every time I ended up heart broken. I made textures, poses, animations, photos, videos, and gestures. I explored the best places in SL, constantly expanding my horizon. Basically I was drifting the whole time. Letting the people and places of this virtual space inspire, intrigue, and captivate me. And I realized that what I like most about SL is what is NOT possible in RL. Like joining a Sl military and being a pacifist in RL. Or being able to “live” some of the stories I had loved to read about so much when I was younger, like those of William Gibson, Neil Stephenson. I learned and thought a lot about how virtual reality works and especially how communication happens in here. I’ve met great people from all over the world. All in all it was a an insane journey. Something I still fail to sufficiently explain to anyone who hasn’t at least spent three or four months in SL. Most Importantly, the time I spent in this virtual world taught me a lot about myself and at the same time changed me like nothing else had ever before.
I do feel that something are changing at the moment though. Finding a balance between SL and RL has become more important to me again. I just can’t continue sitting in front of my computer, eating pizza, ignoring the phone forever, while the sun is shining outside. Also it is has become more important to me to create things in here. To produce something that I can actually look at afterwords so I’m cutting down a lot on bs communication which maybe fun every once in a while but eats to much of my time as it is right now….I’d rather blog my bs here, bite-sized and neatly packaged…


2 Responses to “08/29”

  1. Entirely understandable, Case. I feel the same way. Does that keep me from sitting here? Well, perhaps now and then…

    The one thing about creating things you can actually be proud of and people go “Oh My” over, is the pressure to do it again. Yesterday’s news, so to speak. Like Pere’s wonderfull creations (I bought some cool boots of his just yesterday!!) and he has so many cool things, but… what’s next? Or MiaSnow’s skins… where will she go next? How can she top that last one? The ladies wanna know!! The work gets hard… not hard like you don’t want to do it but, hard like, when do I get time to play? I see more and more of my friends idling, constantly, in photoshop or blog-world, or like me, my computer doesn’t even allow me to idle so I sit in silence while trying to produce commissions, feeling guilty that I’m neglecting my friends, or sad that I’m not enjoying their company.

    And, my family?? They all think I’m nuts. I can see it in their faces when I show them something really cool on SL… They look at me like, “So what? It’s a freaking computer game… of course it’s cool… have you seen the sunset?”

    LOL… Happy RezDay again. Now I’m REALLY bummed that I didn’t go to Dirty Cute and jump on Coley.

  2. casetomorrow Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. And yeah, you and Mia are real pro’s I can only imagine the pressure that descends on you through people’s expectations. The only one putting me under pressure is myself really. I’m never satisfied with anything I do. K and it doesn’t help being with Per who can pull rabbits out of his hat just like that. XD
    Of course everyone thinks we’re nuts but what is important really is what we think of ourselves, isn’t it? I think I’m nuts too it just doesn’t seem as bad if I’m creating things and therefore have something to legitimize my craziness with…heh

    The party at Dirty Cute rocked but it was awesome to see you at the Forbidden Tower for my Rez day too. Thanks again.

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