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August 18, 2008

Exploring is one of my favorite things to do in Second Life. I do that a lot actually. My main technique is to tp into a new place, find a nice spot to stand and then I cam around exploring all the details. This is what I think about: How is the quality of the build and textures? What is the overall concept. Is this place unique from others I’ve seen? Hidden stuffs and interactiveness is always a plus. To many sculpties and lag is always a minus in my view. The excitement of discovering something new is addictive. I have a couple of favorite places that I visit more frequently, but most places I visit only once or twice since the excitement fades easily after knowing what is there. Therefore I need a massive amount of new LM’s each week to keep happy. There is a vibrant “market” for the exchange of cool places (and if you’re lucky the pics include slurls) on flickr such as “100 virtual places to see in life” or “SL Touristboard”, and some of the blogs related to SL like Bettina Tizzy’s “Not Possible in Real Life” blog (and inworld group) which is where I get most of my new places from. (note on the side: Though I haven’t mastered all the technical blog stuff yet, I think I have realized one important thing about blogging, it’s all about linking so there ya go).But after tapping all my resources and even tping through my friends profilepics it still just isn’t enough.
And recently I have discovered a new way of exploring. Open map and tp to a random place. I know, I know it’s simple but I have found particular delight in sniffing around in other people’s places. Even more fun if you bring a friend along. What kind of furniture do they have? Do they build themselves or buy from others? The interest I take in this way of exploring is different from what I usually do. This is more about getting to know people through the private places they create. One thing I have noticed so far: everyone, EVERYONE has some kind of cuddling or sex animations/poseballs in their places. I think this is interesting in the way that it appears as if what people want most is closeness in a world that will always be distant to some degree…but that of course makes an entirely different story…


2 Responses to “Explore More”

  1. trindolynbeck Says:

    Case, for me the world “real” has a different meaning. I learned from my father, a Methodist minister and theological genius, that the only “real” things in life are the ones you feel, like in your heart.. Happiness, sorrow, joy, reservation, elation, etc.. He told me this when I was a stubborn, know-it-all, college student and we argued for days about the relevence of his beliefs. But over the years, I have finally come to understand what he was saying, unfortunately, too late to tell him before he passed. I’m a loner, in this world and beyond, choosing to express myself alone while the world rolls by. So, when a chance to “feel” comes along I grab onto it with both hands. It becomes part of me and fills my soul. And, when it goes away, I find nothing but emptiness. An emptiness so REAL nothing corporal can compare.

    In SL I have felt both ends of the spectrum, pure joy and total dismay… So, for me, SL is as real as any concrete block I happen to smash my head against. It hurts just as much, or feels just as good. The confusing part for me is, should it? Or am I just insane from making the computer such a huge part of my life. I mean, a connection is a connection, right? A friend is a friend… does it make a difference that your friend is faceless? Does it hurt less or feel better…?? Are feelings more real because of the sense of touch? Not for me.

  2. (Ah Ha!! Here is that missing post! LOL)

    But to present business… when I was a newbie, I found an awesome way to find new stuff. I bought a bicycle from some local vendor, so long ago I don’t remember his name, but I picked a land mass at random, like you said from the map, found the furthest most Northest point and set out Southwest. Sometimes, it would take me days to go from one extreme to the other, stopping and talking to people and checking out their stuff, but I would just log when I got bored and continue another day, until I hit ocean. Then, go due North along the shore and so forth and so on. When I would complete the “hourglass” I would idle and play with the pics.

    Back then, there was like only one or two huge masses of land, instead of all the islands you find today, and people weren’t so hip on placing “no crossing” borders like you see so much today. If you came across something like that you could usually swim under them or fly over them and zoom through them before you got booted out.

    Course, that was B4 I had any friends. It would have been much more difficult if I had to stop and answer IM’s all the time. And, it’s so much more fun to share, like you do with Pere. *High Five, Pere!!*

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