Second Life Addicts

August 8, 2008

It all started with this subtle purring sound coming from my mac whenever I used CPU intensive programs like SL. As long as it was “purring” I thought it would be fine, but after a while, purring turned into rattling and I got worried and took my precious little toy to the shop. That was today and the friendly sales guy was like “Don’t worry, we can fix that in no time. It won’t take longer than 8 workdays”. I went into shock. “what do you mean? The ENTIRE weekend without SL! And if I survive that, another WEEK!!!! I was ready to jump over the counter and grab his throat. He gave me that look that I give those guys in my street that ask me for money to buy booze…
On the way home I tried to comfort myself with all the positive sides it would have not to be able to log on SL for a while. Like uhm, do my taxes, go outside, or call my mom for a change? I should say, I do have a PC which I despise of course and which is also way to slow to run SL but yeah it has a webrowser I guess. So now I’m browsing and trying to figure out how to write a blog and stuff but I’m constantly surpressing the urge to call the shop and ask when I can pic up my puter. Do you think they will answer the phone at 2:08 AM? K, maybe not. Honestly I think I’m on cold turkey.


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